About Carole Avila

Head ShotCarole Avila is an award winning author in short fiction, memoirs, and poetry. She is also a self-help writer and a few of her short stories, poems, and a play have been published. Her works of fiction are inspired by a wild imagination and colorful dreams, and her non-fiction work and poetry stem from 30 years experience as a life coach and a survivor of abuse. 

When she read Go, dog. Go! at 3 years of age, Carole knew she wanted to be a writer. “When I write, I fix a chai latte and get lost in the process for hours and hours.”

Carole has conducted writing workshops. Her workshops on the long term effects of sexual Cleo 5-13-20abuse are geared toward individuals who experienced abuse and for professionals who deal with sexual abuse victims.

A life time student, Carole enjoys attending writing classes, reading, and teaching her rescue dog, Cleo, new tricks.

Visit Carole’s website at http://www.caroleavila.com.

10 thoughts on “About Carole Avila

  1. Hi Carole, I saw you’d mentioned your blog on SheWrites, but in your profile there is no link. So I looked on your twitter profile and it is also not mentioned there (on the profile). I eventually found it via a tweet you had written, but wanted to suggest that you actually create a clickable link on your profiles, if you wish to make it easier for people to find your blog.
    All the best, Claire.

  2. Hi,

    I am a Black Opal Books author and I would really appreciate the opportunity to have an interview on your site. My mystery thriller was recently released, A Sinister Obsession, by me S. B. Redstone. It is in ebook and paperback formats. I would love to send you a copy in any format of your choice for your reading pleasure. Looking over your site, I see that you like interesting stories. I believe my book will not disappoint you. A Sinister Obsession incorporates mystery, suspense, dark fiction, a paranormal female detective, a combative 1940’s style detective love story that is humorous and heartfelt, and an elusive suspect whose narcissistic obsession leads to murder and the launching of a diabolical scheme to achieve personal happiness. An integral part of the story involves a hot social issue viewed from a humanistic perspective. My expertise on societal issues and human nature arises from my career as a school psychologist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I love to tell stories about the dark side of human nature where the villains don’t aspire for happiness through personal achievement, but rather from their demented narcissistic schemes. Without giving away the mystery, too many parents don’t care or disregard the feelings of their children.

    For more information: http://sbredstoneauthor.com My bio, media kit, synopsis, and first chapter are there. I believe I will be an interesting guest.

    Thank you,

    • Hey Steven,

      I’d love to host you. I can send you some questions and do a blog interview from there. Is that okay with you? I am backlogged on my own work right now but can have your interview go out toward the end of the month. Please let me know if this works for you.


  3. I would love the Renaissance era, IF ONLY I COULD TIME TRAVEL! The language, the dress, the drama, exploration!

    • I totally agree, but I’d only want to visit. I think I like the women’s rights we have now compared to then, medical advancements, and Starbucks. Thanks for stopping by, Gerrilynn!

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