Naughty & Nice Blog Hop – Have a No Guilt Christmas!

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Blog Hop

1.) Have no expectations from anyone (The season is not about who gives who what or how much it costs.)
2.) Have no expectations from anything (Wherever you’re at, be an example of Love & the way to Peace.)     
3.) Be a Giver (Anything you receive will be a bonus.)

4.) Be a Do-er (Don’t focus on yourself. Organize Christmas carolers, or help the homeless. Hand out sandwiches, bottled water, and blankets. Find people living on the streets easily, just by opening your eyes and your heart. Don’t judge them, just help them!)

COVERCheck out my new short story, “Christmas After All” in the Black Opal Books Christmas anthology, A Touch of Winter.

With her parents on a second honeymoon and her best friend in Hawaii, Eydie is dreading spending the holidays alone. Her busybody neighbor invites her over for Christmas Eve, yet Eydie tries gracefully to refuse. She doesn’t want to be caught in the middle as her neighbor’s husband meets his long-lost daughter for the first time. But Eydie hits it off with her, and she comes with a big surprise— one that Eydie hadn’t counted on at all.

EVE’S AMULET, BOOK 1EA Cover-200x300
Mandy Ruhe receives a gift from a mysterious woman and is swept back in time to Texas, 1845, into the body of ranch owner, Carmena Luebber. Mandy must assume Carmena’s role until she can figure out how to return home. She finds herself caught in the lives, hopes, and struggles of her employees and is torn between two amazing men, but she can’t stay with them in the past without destroying the future.

Carole is also under contract for her young adult horror story, Death House, and her non-fiction work, The Long Term Effects of Sexual Abuse.

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39 thoughts on “Naughty & Nice Blog Hop – Have a No Guilt Christmas!

  1. Michelle Willms
    I love the tips. Sometimes we do get too focused on who does what and who doesn’t do enough (in our tiny minds of the moment), instead of remembering the point of the season. Thank you for helping us all to remember to activate our kinder, gentler selves.
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    • Michelle,

      Thank you for writing such a lovely comment. I think when we lose sight of what Christmas is about, we have to remember that for each of us it’s okay if it’s something a bit different. What is important is that we find what is meaningful for us and to act on what we find. Merry Christmas!


  2. Name: Virginia Horton
    Comment: Loved your post! Wonderful tips, your book sound really good. Thanks for the great giveaway
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    Country: USA

    • Hi Suzanne,
      I’ve been reading Dennis Cardiff’s blog, “Gotta Find a Home,” where he interviews homeless people. We live in an upscale beach area with a super obvious contrast with street people. Some willingly live that way, especially the schizophrenics and druggies, but others are genuinely down on their luck. Early this year I was a quarter-inch away from living in my car and can appreciate the fear, desperation, misery, and feeling of aloneness it can bring. We tend to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to street people, looking away before they ask for money. The thing is, they would be just as happy with a cup of coffee, something healthy to eat, a toothbrush, or a blanket. And saying hello and treating them like a human is enough. It doesn’t take much to help. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your comment, giving me the opportunity to stand on my soap box!

  3. Name: Shelly Hammond
    Comment: Thank you for the four tips above! They seem so simple, yet they are probably the four most forgotten things. I know when I read them I had to stop and think at each one and have the little ‘light bulb moments’ go off at each one.

    1 Eve’s Amulet, Book 1 sounds really good. After reading the blurb, I am going to go check it out more. It sure leaves a lot to want to know. I want to know how she was taken back to 1845, how she will get back to her normal time, and of course how will the little love triangle that it seems to promise get in the way of it all. Oh it sounds so good! Thank you for the information and adding a new book to my must have list 😀 Thank you! Thank you as well for the chance to enter the giveaway. (Sorry again for the sloppy follows. Technology fights me and I fight it every step of the way I think some days)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, good cheer to all and a very Happy New Year to you and anyone else who happens upon this post. Have fun and be safe everybody 🙂

    Twitter: @ShellyHammond14 (I couldn’t find this to follow, but that’s my twitter thingy if you have one, I’d be happy to follow it, technology and I have many battles so if it’s right in front of my face and I just didn’t see it, I apologize)
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    • Hi Shelly,
      All your questions about Eve’s Amulet are answered in the book. I would never recommend a dull book to anyone, and I try my hardest not to write one! I made sure it is entertaining and gives people a break from day-to-day routines. When Death House comes out (within a year?) you will find that even though it is a horror story, I did the same thing, infusing a bit of humor and drama into the mix. I always envision my books as film, which to me will be the ultimate compliment of my writing ability. Thank you for your wonderful comments and for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

  4. Name: Shadow Kohler
    Email: shadowluvs2read(at)gmail(dot)com
    Comment: Hi! Thanks for sharing! Your books look quite interesting. Ya all are so awesome! Thank you for the amazing giveaway! Very much appreciated! Thank you! Happy holidays!
    Country you live in: US

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