Getting Books from My Dreams–Is it “Cheating?”

Kathy Bosman-Photo from her website

Kathy Bosman Website Photo

Often times I dream my books, and have been finding out that quite a few authors I’ve been meeting do the same. My “book dreams” come across like a fully developed movie in a theater, or they come in a few chapters a night for several nights in a row. But is this “cheating,” as if the ideas aren’t my own?

Sometimes I’m inspired as I set my hands on the keyboard and words and images fly into my head, as they did with Eve’s Amulet~Book 1. Read author Kathy Bosman’sDEATH HOUSE COVER-200x300 blog about how my YA horror and teen romance, Death House, was born.

How do your book ideas come to you?

2 thoughts on “Getting Books from My Dreams–Is it “Cheating?”

  1. Dreams do a lot for me. They’ve provided me with favorite family recipes, unique and fun crochet patterns, interesting and challenging writing. I suppose I do dream about a lot of my writing, but it’s also a matter of the heart, a story that must be told, not because I had a dream, but because something struck a chord and my fingers started to type.

    • Thank you, M.J., for your eloquent sharing. I agree that we can get a lot of information from our subconscious minds. I figured if a story wasn’t meant to be shared, it wouldn’t come to me. I’m glad you stopped by!

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