Make 2015 a Year of Action

Elizabeth Morgan

Image from Elizabeth Morgan’s Amazon Page

Thanks to Elizabeth Morgan’s blog, “Not Just a Stiff Upper Lip,” I was reminded of the importance of why I write. In the past few months I’ve put unnecessary pressure on myself to start generating an income from writing as I compared myself way too often to other authors.

I succumbed to preconceived notions, mine and others, of what it meant to be a successful author, and let myself feel I was only successful if I could generate an immediate income. My outlook sucked a lot of the joy out of the writing process. Book sales are obviously important, but I made that more important than my actual work.

Writing gives me pleasure and I don’t want that to change.

Even writing my emotionally charged non-fiction work on the effects of sexual abuse gives me satisfaction. Book Covers

This year I will relax in the writing process, shifting my focus from what others are doing income and content-wise to concentrating on my own ideas. The most important change I will be making is to express gratitude more often for not having to work while I write my stories.

What will make your goals/dreams more successful?

2 thoughts on “Make 2015 a Year of Action

  1. I like your attitude, Carole. I’m a person who seems to always be at war to some degree– the war playing out inside my head. I like to write, nay, I love to write– the next moment, I hate to write.

    I hate being outgoing at writer’s conferences, I hate the competitive atmosphere there, the next thing– I’m all charged up from the company I kept there, and ready to write a blue streak.

    I don’t know many other authors and don’t care about their sales, the next moment, I hear my publisher praise a new author in the stable who was on fire last summer, and I feel the urge to push myself to the max.

    I need more gratitude like you, Carole. Thank you for your insights and Happy 2015. May it hold for you all the success you desire, all the writing you need.

    Love, Marta

    • Thank you for your lovely reply, Marta. On the love/hate from one minute to the next, I can so relate. Embrace your inner hater, thank her for her input, and then move on to the love. It’s okay to have the hate feelings, just don’t give them a big soapbox to stand on and limit their time on it. Only act on the love. This way, you won’t be at war with yourself. No, really! By embracing all of you, including negative and positive thoughts alike, you will be accepting yourself. This will lead to more self-love, self-awareness, and integrity. Take care my friend and a blessed and Happy 2015 to you!

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