Ignorance is No Longer Bliss

I finally hit the point where I have to face the world and seriously promote my work, both writing and editing, on social media. How is it a 300-page novel is easier to write than a brief tweet or a few lines on Instagram?

Like many authors I know, we enjoy our solitude—”hermitude” suits us—yet I understand how vital the social connection to our reading audience is and how it plays a valuable and necessary part in any business. I honestly love connecting with my reading audience. I enjoy discussions on any topic related to the writing industry. However, and here’s the real issue—I am not familiar enough with social media to know how to properly use it. The use of the internet has changed since I was first published and learned how to use the most popular programs.

I have seen thousands of others enjoy successful careers primarily through electronic means, building brands and platforms. I know it works and can work for me and my books. But I also know it’s not enough to search for reliable “how to” resources regarding the most popular sites for book promotion and sales. Still, when I hear terminology like RSS feeds, SEOs, engagement rates, Google algorithms and analytics, meta tags—they’re all a different language that I have no idea how to speak or navigate.

In that vein, I feel like a little kid going back to school to learn what social media platforms are best suited to authors and how to use them. I’m ready to do some heavy duty, serious promotion and marketing. I’m ready to do the work. I would love it if you could briefly share your online social media experience here. What helped you get started building an online presence?

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