Soothing Serendipity

Yesterday I attended a funeral for my friend’s ex-husband, Steve, who died of cancer. He had a military service at the Riverside National Cemetery right across the street from March Airbase. When I experienced some family drama last year, Steve paid for a few of my phone cards when I was nearly homeless and felt as if my family turned their backs on me. It took almost 3 ½ hours to get to the cemetery from my home, but making the drive was the least I could do to honor Steve for generously helping me out.

Cloud-Steve's FuneralOn the way to the service, I thanked Steve for his help.That’s when I looked up and saw an amazing airplane shaped cloud! At one point we heard a giant roar of jets during the service, but there were none in sight. It sounded like a “fly-by” right as the minister said Steve’s name. Both were great serendipitous events.

10 thoughts on “Soothing Serendipity

  1.  Once at a funeral for an uncle of mine and the priest was talking about his life ending a baby started crying quite loudly.    Made me think that as one life ended a new was born.

    Your jet story reminded me of that.    Kinda neat to have your own fly over.

    Frank X. Haverkamp

    The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher

    • Thank you for sharing, Frank. It was one of the nicest funeral services I’ve ever been to, located off a tiny lake in a beautiful park setting. I love to hear them play taps and in this case, a 3-volley salute. I was very impressed with the set up. The Riverside National Museum is the busiest in the nation and have from 40 to 60 military funerals a day!

    • Thank you, John. Steve and I weren’t close, but we had a chance to get to know each other just a bit better this past year. Still, it doesn’t require years and years of knowing someone to have them make an impression on you.

      • Hey Carole, I just had a chance to read your very nice post on Steve. He was a very kind and generous man who gave from his heart and Michele and I really appreciate your kind words. Even after our divorce, Steve and I became the best of friends. He would always tell me that I was the best ex-wife he could ever have and we remained best friends right up until his death on March 19th. I am still trying to contact some of his friends who knew him well but are not aware of his passing.

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