Soothing Serendipity

Yesterday I attended a funeral for my friend’s ex-husband, Steve, who died of cancer. He had a military service at the Riverside National Cemetery right across the street from March Airbase. When I experienced some family drama last year, Steve paid for a few of my phone cards when I was nearly homeless and felt as if my family turned their backs on me. It took almost 3 ½ hours to get to the cemetery from my home, but making the drive was the least I could do to honor Steve for generously helping me out.

Cloud-Steve's FuneralOn the way to the service, I thanked Steve for his help.That’s when I looked up and saw an amazing airplane shaped cloud! At one point we heard a giant roar of jets during the service, but there were none in sight. It sounded like a “fly-by” right as the minister said Steve’s name. Both were great serendipitous events.