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Romance goes hand in hand with gunrunning in the Old Southwest in this entertaining time-travel adventure! Mandy Ruhe is swept back in time to Texas, 1845, into the body of Carmena Lubber, owner of the Holiday Ranch. Mandy is caught up in the lives of the people on the ranch–their struggles and dreams. Torn between two men, she hopes that true love can triumph over time. But she may have endangered everyone after she encounters one of Mexico’s most powerful and dangerous leaders. Trapped in the past, Mandy must find a way back to her own life before she messes up the future for everyone!

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Adventurous Summer Reading! EVE’S AMULET, BOOK 1

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First -Final CoverExcerpt from Eve’s Amulet, Book 1:

“Miss Luebber. Well, ain’t you the big sugar?” Franz tipped his hat. His gaze roamed down the line of her form-fitting gauchos, his eyes lingering on the bodice of her cotton blouse.

“What the hell do you want this time, Franz?”

“I was jest wonderin’ where all yer purdy horses were at.”

“I sold nearly all of our stock before you could get your stinkin’ filthy hands on any more of them.”

“Now, that ain’t a polite way fer you to address a military officer, is it?” The lieutenant leaned against the saddle horn. “Why, accordin’ to the Republic of Texas, I got me a perfect right to confiscate yer stock. President Jones knows it’s better ta let some of his constituents lose a few horses and steers in exchange for military protection.”

“I’m sure the president doesn’t encourage the military to steal private property for personal gain.”

The lieutenant pushed up the rim of his hat and more dirt clumped in the creases of his forehead than his neck. “Why, I’m doin’ you a favor. The less you have, the less them Indians is likely ta steal from you. Y’all should be showin’ me how much you appershiate what I’m tryin’ ta do fer you.”

The heavy weapon remained steady in her hold. “Spare me your bullshit, Franz. You’re just a pathetic four-flusher interested in filling up your own purse.”

Hardened eyes locked onto the woman. “Corporal Boyce, McFaddin. Please help Miss Luebber here with that terrible heavy gun.”

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Eve’s Amulet, Book 1 — What a Ride It’s Been!

First -Final CoverMy first published novel, Eve’s Amulet, Book 1, is finally born. It was quite a process to bring it this far, and the marketing and promotion has only just begun. Of course the journey has been worth it, regardless of how many copies I sell or don’t sell, whether Eve’s Amulet makes it to film or not, whether I get invited to appear on Ellen or just continue to envision the moment when we dance on stage.

This past year has been bitter-sweet and for months my book took a back seat to upheaval in my family and living situation. I’ve been separated from my beloved grandson, daughter, and pets but not by any of our choices. Place your pointer finger and thumb as close as you can to each other without touching and see how close I came to living out of my car. Through the painstaking retrograde or Jupiter in Cancer or whatever cosmic alliance has taken place this year, I have found out who truly supports me and my writing habit––and who doesn’t.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned. Things didn’t work out the way IPartial Monopoly Boardwanted them to or in my own timeframe. And although Divine Intervention played a significant card in my life, I know that the game is not yet over. I still have to pass Go and to hold Boardwalk in my hand, but it’s there before me, and I am only a few squares away to completing this pass around the board before I start another.

My friends have constantly supported me throughout this tumultuous year and without an occasional shoulder to cry or whine on, I don’t know that I would have managed. They reminded me to stay strong and optimistic, to see the good in all situations, and to trust that the process would help me become a better person, if not give me lots of great writing material. I think I’ve been blessed with both.

It’s good to know that we can almost always find hope and comfort through true friends, through family who isn’t afraid to take a stand for us, or through a simple change of perception.

Woman Jumping Off Diving BoardDid your year offer you an opportunity for change or growth? That’s the nice way of saying did your first 8 months of 2013 suck as bad as mine and did you manage to make it work? Please share your growing experience or any fresh insights that you’ve made, whether you’re on the same path as me or anyone else who replies.

After all, our stories are important, and it’s through our sharing that we can genuinely appreciate our own experiences.